July 25, 2014

Adding color by pillows

We are finally getting a new roof! Yay, but the pounding and all the noise is giving me a headache. 

As I was making our bed, I was thinking how much I want new pillows that are colorful and fun. I really do love the jewel tones, I think they can brighten up your surroundings. Right now I have a purple comforter with mint, creme and bronze pillows. No detail or design on the pillows. So I've been online looking for inspiration.

Crate and Barrel had some pretty ones 
Carmen 23" Pillow


As did Bed, Bath and Beyond. 
They carry Trina Turks line. Love, love her! I think she's beautiful and a beautiful fashion designer. She has beautiful womens clothing line, resort wear, swimwear, shoes, jewelry, home decor, and even a Mr. Turk line. Her colors are dynamic and have great graphic patterns, which come from her love of the 60's and 70's.

Her pillows are full of color.


I stumbled upon Society6 they bring all this great art from artists from around the world. You can find home decor, clothing, accessories for your phone and art for your walls and all at great prices. I loved spending time on their website browsing. The pillows are $20?! 

But why stop at pillows for color? I could change
out the lamps and lighting too...



And how about adding jewel tones in other places of my life?
 I love the pom pom trim on this table cloth. We've had great sunny weather and have been eating outside every chance we get. Here in the northwest you have to soak up the sun when you can get it. It doesn't seem to last very long.


Pretty dishes to eat on...


Oh how about pretty tea cups?


 Wouldn't this be a great picture to have on the wall? Its just so pretty and would look so nice in a young girls room. If only Ms. K wasn't all grown up now. 


Well my friends, I'm off to start my weekend. Its going to be nice (in the 80's) so I will be outside enjoying the weather. 
Take care! xo

July 23, 2014

Donut know why?

Its almost dinner time, and all I can think of is donuts. Chocolate ones, powdered, sprinkles, jelly filled, and maple w/bacon. Oh I could go on and on. Why? Who knows! So I'm going to just drool over the ones I found, and share them with you. We can feast on them with our eyes, without putting a pound on our thighs. Ha, ha it rhymed. Yes you can thank me later or not....in case you running out to get some now!



Channel your inner Mindy Lahiri with this cute design. This design features an illustration of a donut and a quote from the Mindy Project.


Sweet Years 2 




This ad cracks me up! Which one are you?
I would pick the sprinkled...slightly childish, but exciting ;)


Ok, my friends take care, and donut be a stranger!

July 20, 2014

So glad to be back! I've missed you.

I can't believe its almost been a year since my last blog post!



I moved my daughter from Canada to Seattle, then Seattle to home in the time I was away. She's happily settled now and going to college, and working two jobs. Well almost settled, she's moving out of our house into another house with roommates by August 1st. I said no rush as I rather enjoy seeing her for a minute or two in passing (in the time it takes for her to shower, change, and eat & go out out again). But she had made up her mind before she moved back she wasn't staying long. Hmmm guess free rent, food, etc wasn't a great incentive...lol. So I've asked her to promise to not be a stranger ;)


I have a new nephew and is just the cutest guy. I spent a good few months getting his nursery ready, with help of course. I will post pictures and tell you all about it soon.


My health has been up and down. Fibromylsia isn't the easiest thing to live with. I have good days and bad days. Thankfully I can say I have more good days. I limit my alcohol, and other foods. I've learned to get lots of sleep and rest throughout the day. Even if its sitting down for a couple of minutes.


Thank goodness for my faith in God. He has been with me every step of the way. I've literally asked for faith the size of a mustard seed because its been easy to question his plan for me in the midst of my daily life. But I've come to the realization he is teaching me in the small things every day. I'm spending more time with him privately. Reading his love letter to me. If I can't deal with the small things how can he give me the big things? He's really molding me this year, to depend on him and not on my own understanding. I'm not in control. What?! lol. 

I've made some new friends in the last year.  I'm excited as a new friend and I  realized we have the same dream to start a business with our creative talents. Our ideas were so similar, I will tell you more as we get going and figure it all out ourselves. We are both very excited as the timing couldn't be better, as we both have been involved with family life and its been on our hearts and minds for some time now. We both had been praying separately the desire of our hearts and I don't believe in coincidences.


I've hoped you missed me as much as I've missed all of you! I've always enjoyed reading your comments and knowing there's quite a lot of you out there visiting by my stats. Please do comment and invite me to visit with you, I do come by. Until then....take care!